New SET v 7.5.2 available

New features, updates and fixes in version 7.5.2:

– 0000796: [Feature-Requests] SET Point Panel v 3.1 integration: WKF, WAKO, IS, Generic, ITF and FILA
– 0000789: [Feature-Requests] APA interface to send result xml file to SET Online system
– 0000786: [Feature-Requests] Show balance of entry fee on all entry fee reports and tables
– 0000785: [Usability] Change float decimal seperator from “,” to “.”
– 0000783: [Feature-Requests] Use default draw option window for generation of draws function separated by individual and team categories
– 0000782: [Functional bugs] Bugfix creating new event in SET: always use user with id 1 as event owner
– 0000780: [Feature-Requests] Integration of SET Point Panel WAKO Semi Contact (Kickboxing)
– 0000781: [Feature-Requests] Automatically set the Point Panel to use based on the sport selelected
– 0000779: [Feature-Requests] In Categories of this event list initially show only the used categories, don’t load all categories
– 0000773: [Feature-Requests] Online system connection support for all SET Online sport systems
– 0000757: [Functional bugs] Change static array of draw modes to static method
– 0000753: [Feature-Requests] Kickboxing online system connection support
– 0000752: [Feature-Requests] Function to create remote database users for local / network database
– 0000751: [Feature-Requests] Test database connection function
– 0000750: [Feature-Requests] Add status bar to main window
– 0000749: [Usability] Simplify Search for Competitor / Cross Competitor function

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