Certification Program Information


 The Sportdata certification program offers the following Certification levels:

  1. SET-MAM (SET Match Area Manager): ensures operators to be able to work on draw records, generate repechage and pool winner tables, record results, work on scoreboards, …
  2. SET-EM (SET  Event Manager): same as  SET-MAM + all needed requirements for the registration process, generate draws, results and all other event activities needed to manage event with the software
  3. SET-AEM (SET Advanced Event Manager): same as SET-EM + online event managent + SET Monitors and Live Synchronization
  4. SET-TS:  (SET Technical Supervisor): all technical aspects, like setup of local network, routers, database installation, live stream, laptops, java,  …

All certification levels can be graduated directly through Sportdata or any of the official Support Partners.

Detailed information about the certification levels, papers and documents will be available soon.