New SET v 7.7.0 available

New features, updates and fixes in version 7.7.0:


– 0000949: [Functional bugs] Entry fee and weight control list: bug fix saving state and comments
– 0000948: [Feature-Requests] Coach fee support and advanced support for category entry fee discounts, based on the fees
– 0000947: [Feature-Requests] Integration of SET Point Panel Kyokushin
– 0000944: [Feature-Requests] Registration of officials by days
– 0000940: [Feature-Requests] Filter function in entry and weight control tables
– 0000937: [Usability] Team category entries and team entry management: provide list for selected team members
– 0000936: [Feature-Requests] Filters in coaches, referees and officials entries tables
– 0000935: [Usability] Entry and weight control lists: do not refresh complete window on refresh
– 0000934: [Feature-Requests] Entry and weight control lists: list entries of team category registration
– 0000933: [Functional bugs] Certificates: show results based on draw mode results
– 0000932: [Feature-Requests] Result filter: allow to filter places from 1 to 18th place
– 0000618: [Feature-Requests] Print menu boundary default settings set to 0
– 0000704: [Feature-Requests] Function to copy categories form other events
– 0000871: [Feature-Requests] Support draw mode elimination + round robin for more than 8 competitors
– 0000530: [Feature-Requests] Allow tie in round robin -> compute if not complete
– 0000925: [Feature-Requests] Draw mode Round Robin + Elimination supporting multiple pools
– 0000926: [Feature-Requests] Function to pre define the number of needed pools for draws in Categories of this event – Draw mode table
– 0000924: [Feature-Requests] Integration of SET Point Panel v 3.2.0
– 0000816: [Feature-Requests] SET Wrestling: Score Sheets
– 0000923: [Feature-Requests] Score Sheets / Match Forms generation for open matches
– 0000922: [Functional bugs] World Games Mode (RR+Elimination): bug fix allowing pools with only two competitors
– 0000921: [Feature-Requests] Save font size setting of monitor as property
– 0000919: [Usability] Notification if draw modes are changed and category already saved as draws
– 0000918: [Refactoring] SET CHAT use single instance of client
– 0000906: [GUI & Design bugs] GUI Refactoring
– 0000907: [GUI & Design bugs] JOptionPane refactoring
– 0000908: [GUI & Design bugs] Splash Screen refactoring
– 0000909: [Refactoring] JFrame focus fix for Java 7
– 0000910: [Performance] Refactoring lazy loading of table data
– 0000911: [Feature-Requests] Print name of club on header of DTM for clubs and Results for clubs
– 0000912: [GUI & Design bugs] FormatOption and DrawOption: show progress label…using SwingWorker
– 0000913: [Feature-Requests] Merge DTM for clubs to one PDF file
– 0000914: [Feature-Requests] Merge Results for clubs to one PDF file
– 0000905: [Feature-Requests] Java Version Checker
– 0000904: [Usability] Icons on tabs in main window
– 0000903: [Usability] Information Dialog: enable window closing button
– 0000877: [Feature-Requests] Draw mode with third place match of semi final loosers
– 0000499: [Feature-Requests] Print draws for clubs as PDF: do not create a new folder for each club if print as one file only
– 0000795: [Feature-Requests] Print draws for clubs: print as one PDF file
– 0000794: [GUI & Design bugs] Print draws for clubs: marked competitors from clubs not visible on black and white prints
– 0000793: [Feature-Requests] Print draws for clubs: show name of club in header
– 0000900: [Feature-Requests] Round robin and world games mode: set results and semi finalists manually if results are not clear
– 0000899: [Feature-Requests] Draw mode functions available in registration mode
– 0000878: [Feature-Requests] Copy categories from other events
– 0000898: [Feature-Requests] Show fight -> toggle winner buttons if only one competitor
– 0000897: [Feature-Requests] Disable point panel winner buttons if only one competitor
– 0000896: [Feature-Requests] point panel -> provide function to disable winner point buttons
– 0000895: [Functional bugs] point panel fix -> first save points than winner information
– 0000894: [Feature-Requests] Client monitor message -> show points if available in winner message
– 0000893: [GUI & Design bugs] activity monitor -> check if red is available
– 0000844: [Feature-Requests] SET Wrestling: Weight input with decimal places
– 0000888: [Usability] New Draw lists container desktop
– 0000889: [Refactoring] Draw lists: use JPanel instead of Canvas as painting component with double buffering
– 0000890: [Functional bugs] SET Point Panel: do not set look and feel in embedded mode
– 0000891: [Refactoring] Draw lists: use light weight JScrollBar instead of ScrollBar
– 0000887: [Usability] Show text in progress bars
– 0000886: [GUI & Design bugs] Seemless start screen
– 0000885: [Refactoring] Remove Nimrod look and feel
– 0000883: [Translation] Danish language support
– 0000882: [Usability] Hide page setup dialog on printing draws, draw records, repachage, pool winner an double elimination tables

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