The SET main software, including all other software products (SET Point Panel, DTM, …). Installer package for Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Even without a valid license you can use the software in demo mode to convince yourself of the benefits, with some small limitation. The demo mode also allows you to connect to the SET Online Test System at

Latest unofficial version (2018-03-16 03:32)

SET 9.6.3 Download ZIP Archive (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Latest official version

SET 9.6.0 Download ZIP Archive (Windows, Mac, Linux)

SET 9.6.0 Download as Windows Installer

Java 8 or higher is needed to run this software. Please download and install from


Report Designer (used for creation and modification of reports and accreditation layouts)

SET 9.6.3 and higher

Pentaho Report 7.1

SET 9.6.0 and lower

Pentaho Report 5.3

App for wireless Kata and Form scoring



Quick installation instructions for SET main software

Installation Instructions