New SET v 9.0.0 build 1 available

SET Dynamic Time Management (DTM) 2

  • New feature rich interace
  • Create items by drag and drop
  • Support of 1 minute interval planning
  • Support of individual matches planning from MatchCaller
  • Direct upload to the online system
  • End of day calculator -> decision helper on how many match areas are needed
  • Print draws based on timetable
  • Printable list view
  • List of matches based on DTM

dtm1 dtm3


New Referee Deployment and Draw System

  • Referee license management
  • Referee deployment -> match area assignment
  • Referee draw for single or multiple matches based on real time match information
  • Rule based referee selection filters:
    • by country
    • by region
    • by club
    • by license / qualification
    • random
    • balancer -> referees should have similar number of matches
  • Draw monitor -> show selected referees on screens

ref1 ref2 ref3

Approved Taekwondo ITF Pattern and Scoring System

  • Support of Scoring App for Android Smartphones and Tablets
  • Support of Gamepads

itf itf2



Approved WAKO Kickboxing Pattern and Scoring System


  • Support of Scoring App for Android Smartphones and Tablets
  • Support of Gamepads
  • Support of Forms, Point Fighting, Light Contact, Full Contact, K1, Kick Light, Low Kick

unnamed wako


And many other new features, like:

  • Show next matches on all views
  • Sticker label printer function for fighter passports
  • CSV Importer for categories and entries
  • Draw change management: easy add new competitor and insert on existing draw and draw records
  • Automatic DB backup based on configureable interval
  • Background image support for awarding ceremony view
  • Any picture format support
  • New Webservice panel with some new webservices, which can be accessed via a built in Webserver
  • Automatic update system for future releases
  • and many other new features

CHANGELOG: SET 9.0.0. Changelog

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