SET 9.0.0. build 1

+Build 1 2016-01-30

– 0001402: [Feature-Requests] Certificates: support of Pentaho Reporting
– 0001401: [Feature-Requests] New Webservice for Next Matches
– 0001400: [Feature-Requests] SportsID Termina: Secure Websocket support
– 0001399: [Feature-Requests] New Webservice Panel
– 0001398: [Feature-Requests] New Point Panel for ITF supporint Scoring App + Point Panel for Stop Point System
– 0001397: [Feature-Requests] Integration of Point Panels 3.5
– 0001021: [Feature-Requests] Automatic position insertion of athlete on draw
– 0001033: [Feature-Requests] New entry or move entry -> warning if draw already exists
– 0001144: [Customer Request] Match numbers and DTM
– 0001396: [Feature-Requests] Import feature for categories and entries
– 0001252: [Feature-Requests] Draw record: easily change to other point panels directly from draw records + pattern matching auto set point panel
– 0001263: [Feature-Requests] SET PP WAKO LC: add winning types and save in SET database
– 0001272: [Feature-Requests] ITF pattern / forms system
– 0000392: [Feature-Requests] Pint draws for Tatamis based on DTM schedule
– 0001351: [Feature-Requests] Fight lists
– 0001395: [Feature-Requests] Integration of DTM v2.0
– 0001392: [Feature-Requests] New Report listing categories and entries with only one entry
– 0001389: [Feature-Requests] Accreditation: configure custom access areas in entry lists
– 0001390: [Feature-Requests] Accreditation: print time in all entry lists
– 0001391: [Feature-Requests] Accreditation: interfaces to external access control system
– 0001191: [Feature-Requests] New Referee deployment and draw mode and system
– 0001388: [Functional bugs] Report panel in main data view
– 0001335: [Feature-Requests] Option to avoid page break in reports
– 0001387: [Feature-Requests] Pictures: Support of any picture format
– 0001386: [Feature-Requests] DTM report as list
– 0001354: [Feature-Requests] Accredidtation printed status for all entries
– 0001381: [Feature-Requests] Support of 3rd place match in double repechage
– 0001382: [Feature-Requests] Support of single repechage tournament mode
– 0001384: [Functional bugs] Print draws for club: not marking competitors if club name has [] extension in name
– 0001356: [Feature-Requests] Panel for Registration of Individuals, Team, Coaches, Referees, Officials and Press
– 0001244: [Feature-Requests] Sticker print function for result passport entry
– 0001355: [Refactoring] Improvement of Access Areas config table and name sort order
– 0001274: [Feature-Requests] Split categories: option to select the weight from the weight controll measurement
– 0001234: [Feature-Requests] Feature to order new license from SET: link to online shop + form for manual order
– 0001348: [Feature-Requests] Category entry limit filter for clubs
– 0000418: [Feature-Requests] List of results based on categories -> select from list of categories
– 0000245: [Feature-Requests] Show fight screen: show match in preparation
– 0000489: [General] exception wenn SET ein zweites mal mit der online DB gestartet wird.
– 0001103: [Feature-Requests] Category selection list for Results
– 0001343: [Feature-Requests] Properties import and export feature
– 0001333: [Feature-Requests] Java 8 Support
– 0001332: [Feature-Requests] Pagebreak in reports for countries and clubs
– 0001331: [Feature-Requests] SportsID: option to choose if use NF, Region or Club
– 0001275: [Feature-Requests] Weigh-In: show status and modify option of entry in weigh-in list
– 0000972: [Feature-Requests] Database backup management
– 0001276: [Functional bugs] Image im Panel Siegerehrung
– 0001280: [Feature-Requests] Integration of Taekwondo ITF system
– 0001279: [Feature-Requests] Integration of Norges Kampsportforbund system
– 0001278: [Usability] Access areas: sort numeric short names of access areas
– 0001277: [Feature-Requests] Press registration and accreditation feature
– 0001273: [Feature-Requests] Webservice: Categories, Entries, DTM, DTM-Live and Results
– 0001270: [Feature-Requests] Draw mode and submode edit for multiple categories
– 0001269: [Feature-Requests] Entry fee edit for multiple categories
– 0001267: [Usability] Separate panels for back numbers and certificates
– 0001262: [Feature-Requests] Print results by category selection
– 0001261: [Feature-Requests] History panel: print and export functions
– 0001259: [Feature-Requests] Background image on award ceremony window
– 0001258: [Feature-Requests] New license option dialog to order online or contact the support team
– 0001127: [Functional bugs] Draw option show region: if region is null -> exception in generating repechage
– 0001249: [Database related] Database import shows DB password
– 0001255: [Feature-Requests] Draw submode: point list -> remove highest and lowest scores or count all
– 0001251: [Functional bugs] Erorr uploading results as XML if more than 18 places athletes
– 0001254: [Functional bugs] Point list save as PDF and merge -> does not save in landscape orientation
– 0001236: [Refactoring] SET Point System Scoring APP: match scores in point lists with referee number
– 0001233: [Usability] Manually add competitor to draw: button to register new entry + refresh button + icons
– 0001232: [Feature-Requests] Manually add competitor to draw: set position automatically -> only change one match
– 0001222: [Feature-Requests] Next match: option to use Match Caller match information instead of records based match information
– 0001216: [Usability] Button icons in edit results window
– 0001221: [Feature-Requests] Next match information options to show next matches in Show Fight, Acitivity and DTM monitor
– 0001223: [Functional bugs] Backup online event: map to correct event manager if he is not the owner of the online event
– 0001215: [Feature-Requests] New Match Caller Tatami Monitor: shows assinged matches to tatamis and allows the switch mode
– 0001219: [Feature-Requests] Match Caller: allow to already used assigned match numbers and increase automatically the others
– 0001218: [Feature-Requests] Match Caller: button to delete gaps of match numbers
– 0001217: [Feature-Requests] Match Caller: button to directly delete match number
– 0001211: [Feature-Requests] Option to allow Match Caller Result Checker Thread to hide finsihed matches in Match Caller
– 0001212: [Feature-Requests] Match Caller: assign matches to tatamis / rings
– 0001213: [Feature-Requests] Match Caller Controler: buttons to restet the sequence and restart from 1
– 0001214: [Feature-Requests] Match Caller Monitor: option to hide countdown columns
– 0001210: [Functional bugs] Fix Draw Upload to online system and APP in case of round robin pool
– 0001208: [Functional bugs] Language change -> use SwingUtils invoke later to avoid exception on GUI Thread
– 0001207: [Feature-Requests] New version downloader feature
– 0001205: [Feature-Requests] Waiting lists for coaches, referees and officials
– 0001204: [Feature-Requests] Waiting list delete function
– 0001206: [Functional bugs] Bugfix reading response from UrlConnection