New SET Point Panels 3.5.0 available

– 0001383: [Feature-Requests] SET Point Panel WAKO & WAKO LC: medical time buttons
– 0001282: [Feature-Requests] SET PP WAKO LC: support of WAKO K1 Mode
– 0001281: [Feature-Requests] SET PP WAKO LC: support of WAKO Full Contact Mode
– 0001256: [Feature-Requests] SET PP WAKO LC: show minus points and add one minus point after second round if kickscore is not 0
– 0001264: [Feature-Requests] SET PP WAKO LC: option to disable direct points in control view
– 0001246: [Feature-Requests] SET PP WAKO LC and SET PP ITF: support of gampad + joysticks
– 0001247: [Functional bugs] PP WAKO: end signal after save winner popup
– 0001229: [Feature-Requests] All-option to show running clock in other color
– 0001230: [Feature-Requests] All-option to show adding points as blink label
– 0001231: [Usability] PP ITF and FILA: mirror warning and foul labels

  • New SET Point Panel ITF Point Stop
  • New SET Point Panel BJJ – Brazilian Ju-Jitsu

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