Changelog SET v. 9.5.0 build 1

+Build 1 2016-12-30
– 0001511: [Feature-Requests] SET PP WKF: new rules from 2017
– 0001353: [Feature-Requests] SET PP all: option to show the club shortname instead of full name
– 0001241: [Translation] SET PP WAKO and WAKO LC: change wording for german
– 0001459: [Feature-Requests] SET PP ITF: support of team mode
– 0001347: [GUI & Design bugs] Separation of category names and competitor information
– 0001443: [Functional bugs] SET PP WAKO LC and ITF: fix concurrent exception bug with gamepads
– 0001513: [Feature-Requests] WAKO 2016 rules support
– 0001512: [Feature-Requests] Match caller: advanced automatic match order numbering for complete categories
– 0000518: [Feature-Requests] Auto update feature
– 0000776: [Feature-Requests] Database backup and restore
– 0000676: [Feature-Requests] Add new competitor to draw record
– 0000419: [Feature-Requests] Medal statistic based on categories -> select from list of categories
– 0000790: [Feature-Requests] Autmatically choose right number of repechage based on the number of pools and the draw mode
– 0001126: [GUI & Design bugs] Sort order of Tatamis on monitors not based on alphabetic order -> change to number order
– 0001510: [Feature-Requests] Match Caller: show winner number for missing match information on match lists
– 0001057: [Feature-Requests] Point system -> logic on score equality
– 0001158: [Feature-Requests] Print DTM time for scheduled category on draw
– 0001453: [Feature-Requests] View starttime of categories (from DTM) on draws/draw records
– 0001346: [Feature-Requests] Point system: mode to count on hightest score if equal valures
– 0000819: [Feature-Requests] SET Wrestling: Compute results based on FILA rules
– 0001068: [GUI & Design bugs] Client Message -> always generate messages with club and nation
– 0001248: [Feature-Requests] Draw submode: option to do extra match in mode elimination between repechage winners
– 0001066: [Functional bugs] Image rotation
– 0001104: [Feature-Requests] Support of club logos instead of country flag
– 0001410: [Feature-Requests] Medal table: options to include results up to the 18th place (e.g. 4th place)
– 0001439: [Feature-Requests] Dont put deleted person on results from draw records
– 0001507: [Functional bugs] DTM: if only one pool final is included in the pool matches
– 0001506: [Feature-Requests] Logfiles accessable via Webservice
– 0001505: [Feature-Requests] Medal Ceremony: show photos of competitors
– 0001504: [Feature-Requests] SET PP WAKO LC: match protocoll
– 0001503: [Feature-Requests] Client / Monitor name replace function
– 0001501: [Feature-Requests] Report: participation count officials
– 0001502: [Feature-Requests] SET Scoring APP: send battery information to SET client
– 0001500: [Feature-Requests] Copy Access Areas: automatic category and configuration copy
– 0001499: [Feature-Requests] Custom medal table + wmmmaa mode
– 0001498: [Feature-Requests] Access control: 10 digit Barcode generation
– 0001497: [Feature-Requests] SET PP ITF: support of team mode
– 0001496: [Feature-Requests] Dtm and machtcaller: override numbers based on tatami -> on dtm and matchlist
– 0001495: [Feature-Requests] Activity + dtm monitor: option to add empty boxes
– 0001494: [Feature-Requests] SET Referee Mode: ‘Active’ checkbox – Interaction improvement – RefPosition manipulator
– 0001493: [Feature-Requests] Match caller: directly put matches on DTM from Match Caller Panel
– 0001492: [Feature-Requests] Match caller: advanced filter options
– 0001491: [Feature-Requests] Option to hide country and flag on point panel, show match and all other monitors
– 0001490: [Feature-Requests] Show QRCode of match information on Show Match and Point Panel Screens
– 0001489: [Feature-Requests] Crip Sheet ranking statistic generator function
– 0001488: [Feature-Requests] Webservice to provide Activity, DTM and Matchcaller Monitors via a Webbrowser
– 0000952: [Feature-Requests] Automatic Update and version logic
– 0001487: [Feature-Requests] Next match information in Pattern system
– 0001482: [Feature-Requests] PP Judo integration
– 0001486: [Feature-Requests] DTM: print without time option
– 0001485: [Feature-Requests] PP ITF Point Stop integration
– 0001484: [Feature-Requests] DTM Matchlist report
– 0001483: [Feature-Requests] PP UWW integration
– 0001481: [Feature-Requests] JUDO support (IJF)
– 0001480: [Feature-Requests] UWW rules support (Wrestling)
– 0001020: [Feature-Requests] Swap athlete on draws
– 0001023: [Feature-Requests] Change draw by mouse click
– 0001345: [Feature-Requests] Provide additional informaiton for timetable -> general information without time
– 0001472: [Feature-Requests] Show custom ranks in medal table
– 0001473: [Feature-Requests] WMMAA: special result calculation, report and medal table
– 0001265: [Feature-Requests] Liste der Einzelstarter
– 0001460: [Functional bugs] Delete official: bugfix checking wrong tables
– 0001461: [Feature-Requests] Entries list: menu item for accreditation and accreditation preview in popup menu
– 0001462: [Refactoring] Access aras: no question if you really want to add access area
– 0001464: [Feature-Requests] New PDF viewer / editor
– 0001465: [Feature-Requests] Accreditation: option to directly generate PDF and show in viewer
– 0001457: [Feature-Requests] Image editor for participant pictures
– 0001456: [Feature-Requests] Participation count report for officials
– 0001455: [Translation] Portuguese Language Support
– 0001452: [Integration bugs] Starting end-of-day calculator via Tools menu item doesn’t work
– 0001448: [Feature-Requests] Show entry status in competitor categories panel
– 0001445: [Feature-Requests] SET PP action monitor: show technique animations for SET PP WKF
– 0001444: [Feature-Requests] Serial interface protokoll and data interface
– 0001442: [Feature-Requests] QR Code Reader: read and validate international ID
– 0001441: [Feature-Requests] Award Ceremony: option to show photo instead of flag
– 0001440: [Feature-Requests] Option to hide flags in medal ceremony
– 0001435: [Feature-Requests] Show match: only show katas if they really belong to match
– 0001430: [Feature-Requests] Kata / Form / Pattern Category matching rules
– 0001431: [Feature-Requests] Press entry list: status and comment + accreditation print and custom access areas
– 0001432: [Feature-Requests] Entry Lists: access area popup on custom change + access area names renderer
– 0001421: [Feature-Requests] Paypal link generation and forwarding in entry fee table
– 0001422: [Feature-Requests] Montior Switchmode: allow custom nubmer of tatamis in switch mode
– 0001059: [Feature-Requests] Liste bestimmter Finalists benötigt
– 0001417: [Feature-Requests] Medical check checkbox in entries list
– 0001418: [Feature-Requests] Entry lists: link to entry fee report
– 0001419: [Feature-Requests] Entry lists: link to weight / size control + visible status checkbox
– 0001416: [Feature-Requests] Draw records: allow to modify / add competitor directly on draw record
– 0001413: [Feature-Requests] Access area custom selection in registration forms
– 0001414: [Functional bugs] Fixing bug in person selection in registration form panels
– 0001412: [GUI & Design bugs] Remove white background in textfields in nimbus dark mode
– 0001411: [Feature-Requests] Support of team entries import

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