Changelog SET v. 9.6.0 build 1

+Build 1 2017-08-15
0001620: [Feature-Requests] SET Video Review Integration
0001619: [Feature-Requests] ITF: integration of international approved electronic scoring system for pattern and sparring (serial connection)
0001618: [Feature-Requests] SET PP WAKO LC: integration of new turkish clicker system (serial connection)
0001429: [Feature-Requests] Live Blog: handle if AO is before AKA in client message
0001449: [Feature-Requests] Option to show measured weight in list of results CSV export
0001237: [Feature-Requests] Next match support for point system
0001557: [Feature-Requests] Match caller matchlist in Tatami mode
0001558: [Feature-Requests] Judo: double repechage support
0001158: [Feature-Requests] Print DTM time for scheduled category on draw
0001556: [Feature-Requests] WTF: tkStrike integration
0001559: [Feature-Requests] Remove uplaoded sync results, draws, draw records and point lists
0001554: [GUI & Design bugs] Online Service for DTM isn’t working
0001579: [Feature-Requests] New Pattern system – according to ITF International rules
0001582: [Functional bugs] Show Match – Pattern: Not displaying when score is 0
0001587: [Feature-Requests] Settings on Point Panel
0001589: [Functional bugs] Results when competitor is “Crossed throughed” on a draw record

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