Changelog SET v. 9.8.5 build 2

+Build 2 2019-06-13

0001786: [Feature-Requests] WKF Kata system: allow 3 referee scores without removing highest and lowest
0001785: [Feature-Requests] WT Taekwondo ranking import (used for seeding)
0001784: [Feature-Requests] SET PP Contact JJ: new contact JJ score board


+Build 2 2019-06-10

0001783: [Feature-Requests] Upgrade to Java 13 OpenJDK (fixed printing problem on some printers -> RasterJob Error)
0001782: [Feature-Requests] Point Panel Sanda: Wushu Sanda Support
0001781: [Feature-Requests] Activity Monitor: hide color if only one athlete is shown, e.g. in Kata matches
0001780: [Functional bugs] Result List: fix show only limited number of results for WKF Kata system


+Build 2 2019-05-23

0001779: [Feature-Requests] Point lists: show seeded information
0001778: [GUI & Design bugs] String language bug fix of adding ! to string
0001777: [Feature-Requests] Wushu Taolu Support
0001776: [Functional bugs] FIJLKAM Kids Competiton system: fix penalty bug
0001775: [Feature-Requests] SET PP Generic: show all scores from point score input

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