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    In order to not test the following in the live system.

    Is it possible to do the following:
    – Make seeding, draws, draw records etc online, then download and use the DB locally.
    – After using the DB locally, upload DB again to online (overwriting “old” DB)

    If its possible. Is it correct that in order to update/remove/modify anything displayed online you have to log in to online DB and for example remove a draw, or update it?


    Andreas Koehler


    No, for security reasons it´s not possible to upload the whole database.

    What we usually do is export the db, do draws and everything in an local/network db and synchronize/upload draws, draw records, results and timetable. For that you have a panel in the software with the respective functions.

    If you create the draws online and then syncronize it will not overwrite the online version of the draws. You would have to -as you wrote- first connect to the online database and delete everything you need to replace (usually only draws). Draw records will be created locally anyway because during the tournament we recommend NOT to work directly on the online database.

    Best regards,
    Your Sportdata-Team




    Thanks a lot




    I was looking where the synchronize/upload panel is, but couldn’t find anything with that name.

    Where and in what mode draws, results and time table can be uploaded?




    As far as I can see you have to login to the Administration mode.

    Under Panels you have to open “SET Online (system/type) / (system/type) Events APP”.

    E.g if you log in with Online System/TYPE: WKF it is named: SET Online WKF/WKF Event APP.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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