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    Thomas Aakerman

    What do the other event manager to live stream?
    We use a Dell I5 dual core computer with a USB HD webcam and streaming via Youtube through the program wire cast.
    We experienced that we can not use 720p, but must be down to 480p to stream optimally.
    Our bandwidth is 1000/1000 fiber, but the experience that we have outcome if we run the stream quality up to 720p.
    How are other streaming in excellent quality?


    Sorry for the late answer!
    Assuming that “1000” means 1Mb/s upload speed – then your internet connection might be the bottleneck. We reccommend at least ~2Mb/s per stream. Also see the google reccommendations here:

    Thomas Aakerman

    Hello Clichtmannegger.
    thx for the answer.
    The connection er 1000/1000 mbit/s so the connection is possible not the botleneck…;-)
    I think that the computer is to slow to proces the signal, but i must test it after the summer. I can see that Austrian junior open and K1 Youth cup 2017 used livestream with a pointpanel from sportdata. how can i do that, do you know that?
    good summer from denmark…..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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