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    Thomas Aakerman

    I need some answers to a few questions about the new electronic kata judging system?
    1. Which tablets can be used? What spec. should the tablets have?
    2. Should the computer running the point panel and the tablets be on the same network (wifi), or can they be paired via Bluetooth to the computer?
    3. Does the new point panel follow the SET Online package when downloading it from sports data? Expecting that when i need to use the kata points panel, I still have to press Show Match as before kata on the draw records?
    4. Lacks a little updated documentary for SET online, among other things, and when there are new initiatives to a top nice product…. 😉

    best regard




    1: any android device with android 5 or higher
    2: the android devices needs to be connected to the scoring computer via Wifi (on the same network). The SET software provides a paring process, to pair and authenticate devices to one scoring computer.
    Therefore, we recommend to use wireless repeaters on each Tatami, in order to make sure to have stronger Wifi signals.
    Alternatively we will also present non Wifi scoring devices, which will work on radio signals, other than Wifi (faster and more stable)
    3 and 4: we will soon provide a version including the new kata system. Its not yet integrated, because until now it was only a test system. By the end of 2018, the new kata system will be fully integrated and we will also provide documentation and video tutorials.


    Thomas Aakerman

    Hi Roland.
    Will there be a separate kata point panel for download?
    I’m going to run a tournament in February 2019, and would like to do it with the new electronic kata panel, so you wrote that there in the end of 2018 will be something new to download?

    I am running SET Online 9.7.5 build 1.



    Pavel Piatsko

    Hi Roland.

    I am running SET 9.8.1 build 1 (2019-01-15 01:03 GMT +2) in the JRE 10.0.2 environment (Windows 10 Home operating system).
    New WKF electronic kata judging system works well (device assigment, scoring, etc.) except one thing – its impossible to open Show Match window (while Show Ranking window opens well). When I regenerate point table without Draw Mode Option “Points->WKF Mode” Show Match window opens, on returning “Points->WKF Mode” option Show Match window stops opening.

    Need your help…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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