SET Point Panel WAKO Light Contact, Full Contact, Low Kick, K1, MMA, 10:9,..3-Year license



Forget the complicate and expensive conventional karate scoreboards. SET Point Panel Generic is a simple scoreboard software with additional features, like

* Runs on different operating system, like Windows, Linux or Mac OS

* Adjustment of the screen size. Adjust simply the resolution to fit your monitors or television set resolutiion.

* Logging of all actions automatically on screen and into files

* Trace back actions and revoke them

* Display any desired data, e.g. names, clubs, nations, …

* Stay up to date with updates and support, e. g. if there are changes in rules

* Install and run the software on as many computers as you want with just one single license

* Supported scoring devices: windows compatible gamepads and any Android device (via the SET Scoring App)

* Secure and easy configuration and device pairing

* and many more features…

The prices includes a 3 (three) year licenses.

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