Changelog SET v. 9.7.0 build 1

+Build 1 2018-04-19
0001702: [Feature-Requests] JJIF International system adaptions
0001701: [Feature-Requests] Java 10 Support
0001700: [Feature-Requests] Lock Application Function
0001693: [Feature-Requests] Participation certifications for coaches, referees and officials
0001691: [Feature-Requests] Other Category Settings: select fields to modify
0001690: [Feature-Requests] Match caller: show if match forms have been printed(generated)
0001689: [Feature-Requests] Save results question: dont show this question and save automatically
0001688: [Feature-Requests] Match caller monitor: option to order based on DTM information
0001687: [Feature-Requests] Entry lists: export only selected rows as CSV report
0001686: [Feature-Requests] Advanced double start checker with category selection
0001682: [Feature-Requests] Automatic Database Export and Import into Local/Remote DB Server
0001681: [Feature-Requests] PP Judo: IJF Rule Update 2018
0001680: [Feature-Requests] Repechage: allow generation of Repechage on a single pool draw record, even if its not complete
0001679: [Feature-Requests] Seeding Mode 3: allow multiple pools + option to change 2,7 and 3,6
0001635: [GUI & Design bugs] Intranet: tatami label not visible
0001646: [Feature-Requests] Results: add weight to list of results for Kyokushinkai
0001660: [Feature-Requests] Categories of this event: remove unused categories
0001659: [Feature-Requests] Report System and Designer: pentaho report designer 7 integration
0001658: [Feature-Requests] Intranet: QrCode scan page for access control
0001657: [Feature-Requests] ITF International system adaptions + Screenshots of ITF Pointpanel and Pattern system
0001621: [Feature-Requests] Medal statistics: add option to show total number of points in last column
0001656: [Feature-Requests] Unset function of categories without entries
0001651: [Feature-Requests] New SET Point Panel v 4.0.0.
0001647: [Feature-Requests] ITF International system adaptions
0001634: [Feature-Requests] ITF International pattern system: add undo button functionality
0001636: [Feature-Requests] Monitors: hide match area borders
0001633: [Functional bugs] Pattern System: refresh function -> delete all scores and reset values
0001632: [Feature-Requests] Activity Monitor: uppercase text
0001631: [Functional bugs] Point Panel: add linebreak between club and competitor information

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