Changelog SET v. 9.8.5 build 1


+Build 1 2019-05-13

0001769: [Feature-Requests] H2 Database support as local network database
0001768: [Feature-Requests] SET PP WAKO LC: one gamepad option
0001767: [Feature-Requests] Ranking export: option to include non ranking categories with 0 points
0001766: [Feature-Requests] SET Video Review App Support
0001765: [Feature-Requests] Reports: new result book feature
0001764: [Feature-Requests] Entry lists: status percentage view + special character finder
0001763: [Feature-Requests] Country flags, names and codes update
0001762: [Feature-Requests] SET: automatic double elimination generation
0001761: [Feature-Requests] ITF special technique and breaking contest support
0001760: [Feature-Requests] SET PP WAKO LC and SET PP ITF: layout improvements
0001759: [Feature-Requests] SET: new seeding mode 7
0001758: [Feature-Requests] SET PP WKF: video review card restore
0001757: [Feature-Requests] FIJLKAM Kids Competiton system
0001756: [Feature-Requests] WT csv data import/export
0001755: [Feature-Requests] SET: new custom category slit mode
0001754: [Feature-Requests] WKF Kata System (as of 2019)
0001753: [Feature-Requests] JJIF modifcations and improvements
0001752: [Feature-Requests] WAKO modifcations and improvements
0001751: [Feature-Requests] ITF modifcations and improvements
0001750: [Feature-Requests] Mysql 8 Support
0001749: [Feature-Requests] Java 11 support
0001603: [Feature-Requests] Include category Dan/Kyu functionality of SET-Online
0001692: [General] WKF Katas in Kampsport system
0001643: [Functional bugs] Match Caller versteckt beendete Kämpfe nicht
0001744: [Feature-Requests] Show Match: bigger winner display
0001745: [Feature-Requests] Draw container: allow to close all open windows, except draws
0001714: [Feature-Requests] SET split categories by sex
0001743: [Feature-Requests] Manage (add and update) Katas/Forms/Patterns in local Database
0001742: [Feature-Requests] Athlete entry import: import fields for weight, size, color and black belt grades
0001740: [Feature-Requests] Names in Uppercase on draws
0001739: [Feature-Requests] Results: allow up to 100 places in list of Results
0001738: [Feature-Requests] Match caller tatami monitor: show custom dtm items
0001737: [Feature-Requests] New Result Book function: includes statistics, draws, results in one PDF file
0001736: [Feature-Requests] Point Panels: overwrite default time, break and and round configs
0001735: [Feature-Requests] Ranking CSV export file
0001730: [Feature-Requests] New editor: code highlighting, line numbers,…
0001729: [Feature-Requests] Draws: option to reverse order of entries on draw pools
0001728: [Feature-Requests] DTM improvements
0001727: [Feature-Requests] Point Panel: use SET category information to set time, break, rounds…
0001726: [Feature-Requests] Extended Category attributes: min and max weight, round time,…
0001725: [Feature-Requests] Integration of Barcode Scanners: scan barcodes from Entry fee reports or accreditations (1D and 2 D Barcodes)
0001670: [Feature-Requests] Point table – cross through/remove
0001724: [Feature-Requests] Option in Draw settings to mirror draws
0001723: [Feature-Requests] Weight Control Function + Serial Interface for automatic Weight Control to Scale
0001722: [Feature-Requests] Support of Barcode Scanner via Serial Interface (Registration, Weight Control, …)
0001673: [Feature-Requests] Automatic next match in pattern and point panel
0001683: [Feature-Requests] Possibility to automatically assign point panel and match list
0001613: [Feature-Requests] Randomizing referee score display in Main view
0001650: [Feature-Requests] Next Match feature in Point Panel
0001703: [Customer Request] Wrestling scoreboard : changes with new UWW rules
0001704: [Customer Request] Wrestling : new UWW score sheet
0001705: [Customer Request] Wrestling : new UWW score sheet
0001708: [Functional bugs] Jujitsu Fighting scoreboard : Interference Oasekomi time / Injury Time

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