Changelog SET v. 9.8.6 build 1


+Build 2 2019-11-07

0001820: [Feature-Requests] Random weigh-in sheet: use fixed number of athletes or percentage
0001819: [Feature-Requests] SET Point Panel BJJ: add 10 seconds button
0001818: [Feature-Requests] Fijlkam Judo: team event support
0001817: [Feature-Requests] WT Recognized OVR System: standard CSV import, exports, RTDS design and format, PSS connection, JSON API implementation,…
0001816: [Feature-Requests] ITF breaking and special technique: improvements and automatic result saving
0001815: [Feature-Requests] ITF: support of breaking and special technique mode via German clickers (provided by Vones)
0001814: [Feature-Requests] Referee draw system: support of point list draws
0001813: [Feature-Requests] Round Information on all Point Panels, Screens and Monitors
0001812: [Feature-Requests] SET: TCP/UDP Live Scoring/Match Info service from all Point Panels – JSON formatted
0001811: [Usability] Point Panels: fix too small seconds fields for time adjustments

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