Changelog SET v. 9.8.8 build 1


+Build 1 2021-07-19

0002086: [Feature-Requests] WKF Kata Rule Changes 2020
0002085: [Feature-Requests] Billing and Invoicing System
0002084: [Feature-Requests] WT OVR Changes 2020
0002083: [Feature-Requests] Online Certificates and Accreditation Upload
0002082: [Feature-Requests] Access Control System
0002081: [Feature-Requests] Serial Interface Extensions – Round Robin, Way to Final
0002080: [Feature-Requests] Weight control log
0002079: [Feature-Requests] Fijlkam Judo and Karate updates
0002078: [Feature-Requests] E-Tournament support and score modes update
0001845: [Feature-Requests] PP Judo updates: Stop timer when GS, ippon or second waza-ari, and display of Gold Medal or Bronze Medal match
0001840: [GUI & Design bugs] Draw records: Judo: 10 for ippon 1 for waza-ari (2 digits no longer needed)
0001879: [Feature-Requests] Automatic update of repechage in double repechage
0001876: [Feature-Requests] SET: Fijklam mode for Kata WKF Results
0001880: [Feature-Requests] Show total number of athlets in category
0001887: [Feature-Requests] Fijlkam Karate: provide Fjlkam results for Kata
0001842: [Feature-Requests] Judo scoer: ippon or 2 waza-ari = 10 points, waza-ari = 1 point, hansokumake = 10 points
0001774: [Feature-Requests] Print @ Home accreditations
0001894: [Feature-Requests] Akkreditierungskarten-PDF versandt per Email
0001906: [Feature-Requests] Send Accreditation via email smtp
0001908: [Feature-Requests] Send Email Feature via custom SMTP
0001895: [Feature-Requests] Draw Records: option to show seeded information
0001896: [Feature-Requests] Point Lists: option to hide seeding should also work on point lists

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