Scoring Apps and electronic Clicker Systems

Web Scoring App – Integrated into SET

(WKF Kata (2023), WT Poomsae, Wushu Taolu)

Scoring App (Android)

(WKF Kata, WKF Kumite, Kickboxing, Sanda, ITF Taekwondo, IBA Boxing, MMA, Muaythai, Savate 10:9 Systems and many more)

SET Scoring App - Documentation

Download SET Scoring App - APK


Web Scoring App – Android Scoring App – Preconditions

  • All SET Tatami/Ring laptops and the scoring devices have to be in the same network
  • All SET Tatami/Ring laptops have a static IP address
  • The latest SET Scoring App is installed from the Google Playstore
  • Its recommended to use a wired local network (for the Tatami computers) and additional Wireless Repeaters on all Tatamis, in order to have better Wireless connection for the scoring devices.
  • Wireless Repeater mode: if your tatami router does not provide the Wireless Repeater mode, you can simply disable DHCP on the router and give the router a static IP address.
  • To avoid using wireless at all, you can use OTG Plugable Lan Adapters, and connect the tablets via Lan cable to the router/switch. See below the recommended hardware section.
  • All SET Tatami laptops have disabled their firewall and any anti virus software
  • Port 8080 needs to be use to communicate with the scoring devices, so make sure no other software or firewall is blocking this Port

Recommended Hardware


Huawei MediaPad T3 Wifi Tablet-PC

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Lenovo Tab E7

OTG Lan Adapter to connect to wired network

Ring/Match Area Router

Weissbrand Clicker System (Wireless)

(Trad. Karate, WKF Kata, WKF Kumite, Kickboxing, Sanda)

New Kumite Clicker Systems 2023




Microvone (Wireless)


(ITF Taekwondo Sparring/Pattern/Breaking – official Electronic Scoring Clickers, Kickboxing)



  • Works with ITF and Kickboxing rules
  • Made in Germany
  • Recyclable 3D Print
  • Ring cable bus system for stable and fast connection
  • Wireless connection for breaking competition (ITF)
  • Colored TFT display
  • Handy and lightweight

Schlierf.IT Clicker System (Wired)

(Kickboxing, Sanda)

Tutorial: Schlierf.IT Clicker System

ARBIM Clicker System (Wired)

(Kickboxing, Sanda)


Whatsapp: +90 533 375 14 74

Serial Driver: Download

Generic PC Gamepads (Wired/Wireless)

(WKF Kumite, Kickboxing, Sanda, ITF Taekwondo Sparring, Savate)

Any PC Gamepad supporting XInput/DirectInput can be used.

Recommended Gamepads

How to pair and use Gamepads with SET Point Panel for Scoring

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