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    On-line ability to combine player/competitor profiles for example a user may have been registered previously and a new registration was made for inclusion in a national team where they medalled. would it be possible to combine profile1’s achievements with profiles2’s achievements

    When entering results for each category it would be helpful and also save a lot of time to allow the manual entry of details for winners who may have been entered at the last minute after the draw has changed and also the ability to edit players names without first amending their profile so we can correct spelling mistakes and formatting errors

    these are two features which would have been very helpful at the British open ran last week and would welcome for out next event

    Thanks Gavin


    Thanks Gavin for your feedback! We will discuss your feature requests and post our decisions here!

    Tamas Gervai


    For one event, would be great to allow filter by person.

    For example, I’m on an event, where there is 20 groups and I want to see, in what groups I have to attend.


    We would like search in
    kategories added, registration atletie,

    in set app:
    others category settings.


    Sorry i can’t edit my post, so other things:

    category registration: can modify the min and max registration weight.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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