SET DTM is an easy to use and feature rich time management system. SET DTM provides scheduling and management of all event activities, categories and all other time consuming tasks. It simplifies the generation of time tables and schedules by automatic duration calculation of event activities.
Moreover SET DTM provides time management features to control and observe the time flow. It provides real time information about early starts, delays or on time starts.


Features of SET DTM

  • Fully integrated into the SET software framework
  • Automatic check of double starts by athletes
  • Automatic computation of duration
  • Easy creation and manipulation of timetables by drag and drop
  • Configurable default match times for all categories
  • Configurable time table item colors
  • Standard and Expert mode
  • Support of several days time tables
  • Support of multiple Tatamis / match areas on time tables
  • Creation of custom event activities / items
  • Scheduling based on event entries or based on draws
  • Manual adjustment of scheduled items
  • Shortcuts for main functions
  • Export of time table in different formats
  • Notification of any item change in time table
  • Dynamic view for real time information of time flow (delays, early starts)
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