The SET main software, including all other software products (SET Point Panel, DTM, …). Installer package for Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Even without a valid license you can use the software in demo mode to convince yourself of the benefits, with some small limitation. The demo mode also allows you to connect to the SET Online Test System at

Latest build (2022-03-06 08:00 CET) [Changelog]

SET 9.9.0 build 1 (2022-03-06) - Windows Installer 64 Bit - Java 10 included

SET 9.9.0 build 1 (2022-03-06) - ZIP Archive - Java 10 included for Windows 64 Bit (Mac OS, Linux: Java 10 required -> not included)

Java 10 downloads.

How To: Supporting the new WKF KATA Rules (by 2020-01-01)
How To: Automatic Weigh-in with electronic Scale and Barcode Scanner

Other informtion and HOW TO’s

Older Version (from 2018 – ATTENTION: not updated and maintained any more) – Java 8 required but not included – 32 and 64 Bit – Portable – Windows, Mac OS and Linux

SET 9.6.3 build 2 Download ZIP Archive (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Java 8 required -> not included)

Java 8 downloads

Report Designer (used for creation and modification of reports and accreditation layouts)

SET 9.6.3 and higher

Pentaho Report 7.1

SET 9.6.0 and lower

Pentaho Report 5.3

App for wireless Kata and Form scoring



Quick installation instructions for SET main software

Installation Instructions