January 2, 2023

Pricing – Support Service



Custom Remote Support

from € 30 / hour

We are glad to help you with our remote services like:

- Setup your online event

- Manage the entries

- Mange the draws

- Manage the resutls

- Generate accreditations and certificates

- etc...

On-site Support

from € 190 / day

We are glad to help you with our on-site services like:

- Manage the entries

- Mange the draws

- Manage the resutls

- Accreditation process

- Training of local staff

- Support of technical setup

- Supervision of event progress

- etc...

Hardware Rental Service

We are glad to provide required technical hardware, like

- Laptops / Computers (49 EUR / Day)

- Video Review and Live Stream Cameras


- Scoring Clickers (49 EUR/ Ring-Tatami)

- Tablets (19 EUR / Day)

- Network equipment (TBD)

- HDMI Cabelling (TBD)

- TV Graphics (TBD)

- Electronic scales (TBD)

- Monitor / LED Screens (22-55'') (TBD)

- etc...

not included: shipment and insurance

Other Services

If you need any special support or service, do not hesitate to contact us. We also offer:

- Workshops and Trainings

- OVR Management

- Complete Timing / Scoring Service

- Video Review Service

- TV Graphics

- etc...

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