New SET v. 9.5.0 build 1 available

  • WKF Rules 2017
  • WAKO Rules 2016
  • Point Panel IJF Rules (International Judo Federation)
  • Point Panel UWW Rules (United World Wrestling)
  • Point Panel Brazilian Ju-Jitsu support
  • Point Panel Grappling support
  • ITF Rules update and Team mode support
  • WTF match calling and match planning update
  • Wide support of scoring devices950clickers
  • Match caller: advanced automatic match order numbering for complete categories
  • Add new competitor to draw record


  • Medal statistic based on categories -> select from list of categories
  • Automatically choose right number of repechage based on the number of pools and the draw mode
  • Sort order of Tatamis on monitors not based on alphabetic order -> change to number order
  • Match Caller: show winner number for missing match information on match lists
  • Point system -> logic on score equality
  • Print DTM time for scheduled category on draw
  • Support of club logos instead of country flag
  • Medal table: options to include results up to the 18th place (e.g. 4th place)
  • Dont put deleted person on results from draw records
  • Medal Ceremony: show photos of competitors
  • Client / Monitor name replace function


  • SET Scoring APP: send battery information to SET client
  • Copy Access Areas: automatic category and configuration copy
  • Dtm and machtcaller: override numbers based on tatami -> on dtm and matchlist
  • SET Referee Mode: ‘Active’ checkbox – Interaction improvement – RefPosition manipulator
  • Match caller: directly put matches on DTM from Match Caller Panel
  • Match caller: advanced filter options


  • Option to hide country and flag on point panel, show match and all other monitors
  • Show QRCode of match information on Show Match and Point Panel Screens


  • Webservice to provide Activity, DTM and Matchcaller Monitors via a Webbrowser


  • Portuguese Language Support
  • Award Ceremony: option to show photo instead of flag


  • Kata / Form / Pattern Category matching rules



Please check out the changelog in order to see all changes and new features

Changelog SET v. 9.5.0 build 1


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