SET Video Review – Match‐Info interface for Daedo TkStrike


  1. Edit -> Preferences
  2. On the left select “Interfaces”
  3. Enable the MATCH INFO interface (activate checkbox) and enter Localhost, UDP port, TCP port and Source System (see screenshot)
  4. Click “OK”

IMPORTANT: Use your local IP address (instead of and choose two different (free!) port numbers. Recommended: UDP 1920, TCP 6101


In the TkStrike software, configure the “RT Broadcast” and the “TkStrike UDP Event Listeners” sections as shown in the following

IMPORTANT: Use the same values as in your SET VR configuration!

  • Do NOT use the IP address from the screenshot, but the local IP address of your PC!
  • “RT Broadcast” port must equal the TCP port from SET VR conguration!
  • “TkStrike UDP Event Listener” port must equal the UDP port from SET VR configuration!

Click “Save” and ensure that the “RT Broadcast” is connected:


Finally, SET VR should receive all live data as well as hits and penalties. Additionally, every hit/penalty is accessible in the review process, via red markers in the frame slider.

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