Changelog SET v. 9.9.0 build 1


+Build 1 2022-01-30

0002216: [Feature-Requests] Automatic backup of database, configuration, reports and templates on software update, installation and uninstallation
0002214: [Feature-Requests] E-Tournament support and score modes update
0002213: [Feature-Requests] Entry fee model – option to include all entries to discount model
0002212: [Feature-Requests] Entry fee model – support of team discounts
0002208: [Feature-Requests] Access Control – Covid Test status and date recording + validity check
0002211: [Feature-Requests] SET PSS – Extension of protocoll (Penalties and Referees Scores)
0002210: [Feature-Requests] Result List – extra fields for comments and information (e.g. total score, round times, etc..)
0002209: [Feature-Requests] Access Control – show time of next fight of athlete / search for name in timetable
0002207: [Feature-Requests] Access Control – In/OUT Scan Support + Protocol and Log
0002206: [Feature-Requests] Barcode scanner writer (beep-on-error) interface, supporting Datalogic scanners
0002205: [Feature-Requests] Database Cloud backup function
0002204: [Feature-Requests] Improvements to Certificate and Accreditation Uploader
0002203: [Feature-Requests] Video Review – fullscreen window with request buttons
0002202: [Feature-Requests] Entry list – add national id column
0002201: [Feature-Requests] Support for CSEN Cinofilia – Dog Sport
0002200: [Feature-Requests] ITF Taekowon-Do Clicker Integration/Protocol Update (Pattern and Sparring)
0002199: [Feature-Requests] Ju-Jitsu – Doube Elimination – Support up to 64 athletes in one category – Match caller Support
0002198: [Functional bugs] Ju-Jitsu – Doube Elimination – Support up to 64 athletes in one category
0002197: [Feature-Requests] WT OVR Provider Updates – Changes and adjustments for 2021
0001885: [Feature-Requests] WKF Kata useability – option to play signal for 5 referees
0001902: [Feature-Requests] WT Poomsae system integration
0001905: [Multi Sport Support] WKF Kata in Norges Kampsport Forbund
0001846: [Functional bugs] SET: simple split of categories bugfix
0001773: [Feature-Requests] Seat Map Function for officials accreditations
0001771: [Feature-Requests] WT Poomsae System + Scoring Web App + Recognized and Freestyle


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